Dot watch

    The first braille&tactile smartwatch.

    Coming in 2017
















    We strive to be a pioneer in accessible and affordable innovations for the vision-impaired and the deafblind, to lead independent lives.








  • Problems we want to end

    There are 285 million visually impaired people around the globe.


    "We strive to reduce the invisible discrimination

    against people living with blindness in information accessibility"


    of normal books translated to braille books.



    For the past 20 years, braille readers have cost between $2,000 and $15,000 and there have been no innovations in the industry.





    of blind people give up learning Braille. Due to cost, most VIP are unable to access braille readers or braille books.

  • We set out to change this, with Dot

    Dot's video won the two awards in 2016 Cannes Lions Festival.

    One is the product design, the other one is the Innovation category.

    Please enjoy the short video of 2 minutes



  • Dot watch

    In 2016, Experience the vast world with your fingertips


    Price : 290 USD (without tax)

    (the price will vary by region)

    Type : Circle

    Size : 43mm case

    Depth : 12.5mm

    Weight : 33g


    Braille cell

    : 4 active dynamic braille cells



    : 6000 Series aluminum



    : Li-polymer 400mAh



    : 22mm Leather band


    Wireless MCU platform

    Bluetooth LE 4.2



    Touch sensor



















  • Dot pad

    In 2018, The first multi-layered braille smart device

    Experience graphics, images in tactile.







  • Media

    Featured in 500 + world wide media, US, India, UK, Kenya + 50 countries


    Mass production starts in October 2016

    Thank you for pre-orders : 150,000 + dot watches









  • Dot team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Eric Ju Yoon Kim


    University of Washington



    Ki  Seong


    University of Utah

    Electrical engineering

    Mason Ju

    CDO / Design

    "Less but better"


    Roy Ji Ho Kim

    COO / Hardware Engineer

    Magnet, hardware expert

    25years of experience

    H.C Park

    R&D Head / Hardware

    Micro actuator specialist

    20 years of experiences

    E. S Kang

    Director / Hardware

    Micro product design specialist
    20 years of experiences

    John Ahn

    Engineer / Hardware

    Seoul National University of Science &Technology

    Chris Cho

    CMO / Sales&Marketing

    Hyundai group

    Ah Rum Choi

    Manager / Marketing

    Korea university

    Kibo Jung

    Engineer / Software

    Handong Global university


    Promotion Business Partner

    Julie Kang, General Manager

    Bill Yom, Ex.Creative Director

    Susan Kim, Brand Manager

  • Working at dot

    Challenging to make a better world.


    Work with the mission-driven,

    globally-oriented team.












    We will appreciate all kinds of your supports. If you have any questions,

    Please email us!

  • Q & A

    We have received many questions regarding our Braille smart watch lately.

    So for this month’s newsletter we decided to put together a little Q & A.

    1. Does the Braille smart watch support both iOS and Android devices?

    Yes, our product is supported by both iOS and Android.

    2. Can the watch work without being connected to a mobile device?

    The watch will have to be connected to a mobile device in order to receive notifications. However, you will be able to check the time without the watch being connected.

    3. Can I pre-order the watch?

    If you would like to pre-order our product please consider leaving your phone number, address, country of residence, and quantity desired at www.dotincorp.com under the section “Join our pre-order list”.

    4. I would like to beta test the smart watch.

    Dot Incorporation greatly appreciates your willingness to support us by testing the Braille smart watch. We value all of our customers and we will do our best to allow you test the product.


    There are a few options for testing:

    -> For NGOs and organizations, please contact us via email and tell us where the office is located and we shall contact you as soon as possible

    -> For individuals we will do our best to arrange a meeting closest to your residence. Please tell us via email the place of your residence and we will reply as soon as possible with a proposed solution.

    -> For groups, please tell us via email how many units you need, where the trial will be conducted, and although not required, your past experience in testing products and we will be in contact shortly.

    5. Do you have a video about your product?

    Please check out the video filmed by Arirang TV :


    6. Can you read e-books on your device?

    Yes. Although e-books can be read using the DOT we understand that this may not be the most convenient option. To address this we are currently in the process of designing a DOT pad to encourage user’s literacy and give access to additional information. This DOT pad will give user access to data such as mathematics, shapes, and lengthy e-texts. 

  • Contact

    Please feel free to reach us at dot@dotincorp.com

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